Hotel - Gostisce - Pension - Veronika - Kocevje

Art Nouveau Style, 21st Century Hotel Comfort
+386(0)1/8953-017 Kocevje, Slovenia

Classic hotel accommodation in Kocevje

What should a room look like in a unique and slightly luscious hotel? Like a beautiful guest room in the house of some stylish friends, we think. But each one should be different. No two the same, all of them relaxing.

We think these rooms should make you feel perfectly at home, yet utterly indulged, all at the same time. We don't think that's too much to ask.

At Gostisce Veronika all our rooms and en-suites are large as per the proportions of the original Art Nouveau architecture. We have only 6 exclusive rooms all at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Our double beds are equally enormous at 2 metres wide, as we are adamant that our guests obtain the most comfortable sleep possible.

All rooms have their own bathroom with shower and bathtub, minibar, safe, air conditioning and TV.

Our Smoking Area is seated, undercover and protected against the weather on the original stone balcony situated in the tower.

The unique subterannean restaurant has its own secure parking area.


Rooms Available


 Room Type Number
 Double 5
 Single 1