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The region of Kocevje, Slovenia (Slowenien)

 The Kocevje region of Slovenia is one of rolling, soft green hills covered with trees and the beautifully kept farms and homes that are so reflective of the pride of the Slovenian people. 

"Virgin forest reserves form a protected natural heritage where no living trees are felled and no dead trees taken away, where mushrooms and flowers are not gathered and where the silence is not disturbed. We simply surrender to nature. Forest reserves are marked with blue color and it is possible to walk only to the edge of the Virgin Forest on marked paths". This from the literature provided by the local tourist office. Giant trees grow to a height of fifty meters, measure over 1.5 meters in diameter, carry up to 50 tons of wood mass and live to an age of 500 years or more. Primarily bears, lynx, wolves and eagles inhabit the forests.

If you venture off the main roads you will find the real Kocevje. The minor roads are all very passable and lead to quaint picuresque Kocevje villages and farms nestled among rolling green hills, dotted with trees against a backdrop of the tree covered mountains.

Rest a while with a drink at one of the village Inns and watch the World go by - slowly.