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The Kolpa Trail

The Kolpa Tourist Trail begins in Kocevje on a vast forested plateau from which it descends to the Kolpa Valley. It more or less follows the river up to Metlika in Bela krajina, where it turns back. Again, we cross a forested plateau and then return to the river for a second time. This time, we travel its upper part, captured in a genuine canyon, and return to Kocevje. The 180 kilometer trail mostly follows asphalted roads and is suitable for street bicycles. There are numerous checkpoints in inns along the way, and cyclists will find the small guide which offers a map and descriptions of the checkpoints and points of interest very helpful.



Lake Kocevje is famous worldwide for its Carp fishing.

It has a wonderful range of both animal and plant life, with over 64 species of birds nesting here every year, 15 of which are on the Red List of endangered Slovenian nesting birds. Birds also fly over the Lake on their way from Europe to Africa. The lake is wonderful site for observing and studying the birds, and also for Carp fishing. Small bushes growing near the shore provide nesting sites for freshwater crabs. The lake area is has 15 species of dragonfly.

On the north end of the lake area is the Boron forest, which represents a special growing site on the land of Kočevska. 

Around the lake is a 3 km long Nature Trail with information tables.
In the summer, Lake Kocevje is suitable for swimming and other water sports: in the winter for skating if there is enough amount of ice on the surface.

Horse Riding

The traveller can ride for three days (through the forests of Kočevje to the Kupa gorge; along the Trails of the Castle Lords,  to the market stalls and the land of 'woodenware', through the Kočevje forests where he / she will stay in lodges and tents in the forests and mountains and become acquainted with Kočevje cuisine.

The trip begins at the Equestrian Centre Sports and Mlaka which is only 2km away from Kocevje the direction of Novo Mesto and it is unforgetable.

Click here for details and to watch a video of Horse riding through Slovenia.